Meet Us at Our Mott Street Boutique

Meet Us at Our Mott Street Boutique

Springtime in NYC is always the best. After what feels like an eternal winter, as soon as the weather warms up everyone is out and the energy is palpable. We open the door to the shop and chat with the neighbors out walking their dogs. On occasion, we like to stop in the morning at our local bodega for fresh tulips and ranunculus to brighten up the store windows. 

The streets and buildings in Nolita, our neighborhood, have a charming old world, European feeling that gives it character and a real sense of history. Plus, Mott Street feels like a respite from the overcrowded streets of Soho just a short distance away! Since we moved in 16 years ago, the area has been the home of unique, independent designer shops and restaurants. We have seen the neighborhood grow and become recognized as a go-to spot for city folk and visitors alike who want an authentic and eclectic shopping and eating experience. In fact, we are always brainstorming on collaborations we can do with other artists and makers that tie in the community and our brand. Right now we are featuring the work of our newest team member, Hannah Linder, a talented fashion illustrator who is pictured here.

We keep all of our inventory at the shop so what you see online is what is in-store. However, we have a few extra in-store only exclusives and perks. These range from additional color choices to past seasons to one-offs and samples that can be found at the store exclusively.

We can say with confidence that we greet every customer who walks through the door warmly. Whether you are just browsing or are in serious shopping mode, you are acknowledged and welcomed. Trying on shoes requires a very strong customer service element - most of our customers try on many styles and sizes before they find the pairs that work for them. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about the fit of the collection and can guide our in-store visitors based on their needs. We value the opportunity to connect with each of our in-store shoppers and educate them on the origins of each of our dynamic styles.

From the day we opened our shop doors, we have developed an extremely loyal following that comes in each season to shop the new collection. The interactions with women in our store inspire our assortment in a very immediate way, and conversations in the store are responsible for all sorts of great additions to the line. It is a highlight for us to welcome these visitors and be part of their first hands-on experience with the full collection.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Coclico