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“A shoe is a story
disguised as an object.”


Coclico speaks to a personal identity that extends beyond style and luxury to our way of living in the world. Consciously, artfully, elegantly. At Coclico, we believe that luxury isn’t the ability to purchase endlessly, but the privilege of choosing wisely. Our materials are sourced locally in Europe, near our small, family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. At our NYC headquarters, we not only work to underpin the design process behind each collection but also seek the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility. The result is a union of modern minimalism and traditional quality.

Coclico Albez oxford flat black

Heritage & Perspective

Clean lines and a neutral palette are the cornerstones of each Coclico collection. Subtle beauty in architectural silhouettes are carved from wood, cork and leather. Coclico eschews ornamentation and excess, invoking instead a classic, timeless expression wherein beauty is only enhanced by wear.
Coclico founder sandra canselier descends from a long line of French shoemakers; her father, grandfather and great-grandfather all made shoes in the province of Pays de la Loire. It is the region’s local wildflower coquelicot that lends its name to the company. Now a firmly entrenched New Yorker, Sandra continues making shoes in the French tradition.
Coclico partners with Native Energy to track its annual in-house carbon usage and offsets this amount by investing in international renewable energy projects. Coclico was recognized for its dedication to sustainable fashion as the winner of the 2013 SOURCE AWARD in the footwear category.

Beauty evolves from the union
of quality and time.

Coclico Elfin flat wedge blue


Coclico looks for leathers from tanneries that comply to vigorous standards of beauty and sustainability before looking at cost. We seek out partners who operate on a small scale, and artisanal crafters with third-party certification verifying their integrity and process. Each pair is constructed using recycled and renewable components such as cork and natural woods.

Coclico Johnny heel velvet red


Inconspicuous consumption is a phrase we use a lot at Coclico. Slow production is not just one of Coclico’s fundamental values, but a guiding principle that affects how we approach our work and our lives each and every day. Slow our consumption, slow our impact on the environment, and invest in the things we wear with thoughtfulness and care. Because we expect everything we wear to endure, we produce shoes that will look good, season after season.


Our shoes are produced in a small, historic factory in Mallorca, Spain, where Sandra is on a first-name basis with the craftspeople who make each pair by hand. Coclico are the only shoes made in this family owned and operated factory. The facility is noted for providing living wages, environmental reliability and setting the bar for best practices. The artisans take pride in the production of our shoes, and their skill ensures the consistent quality of our brand.