Rachel Schwartzmann

The arrival of fall always kicks things into high-gear at Coclico. With the holidays just around the corner, we like to take a little downtime to develop festive ideas for our holiday window. Last year, stylist Hilary Robertson lent her design talents to our shop windows, and this year, we're going to rely on our retail manager's newly-minted decorative magic - she just took a dried wreath workshop at one of her favorite shops, Parcel, in Montclair, NJ.

Close up of the Epic Heel in Butterfly Yellow suede placed on a marble table beside plants.
"The Epic in Butterfly Yellow takes a simple style and instantly makes any outfit happier and more au courant since, as it turns out, yellow is the new pink. Guess we were ahead of the tide on that one, or just feeling the zeitgeist." Shop the Epic

To get into the spirit (and before the holiday rush), we've been busy crossing off a few items on our fall essentials checklist. For starters, and as the adage goes, one should invest in a good coat, bag, and pair of shoes for the for colder temperatures - and we think that still holds true. After all, these staple pieces are frequently worn, and for a variety of occasions. These are also pieces where design meets function - they are about comfort, warmth, and perhaps most importantly, practicality.

Not to mention, these items pair well with many of our Fall/Winter styles. We particularly love warm hues and cozy textures - and from a design standpoint - suedes and embossed leathers are both extra special for us this time of year.

A Kinfolk book displayed on a marble table alongside a pair of Coclico Bea oxford shoes and decor.
"Bea is an oxford with a twist. Updated and modern but still classic enough to wear to work." Shop the Bea

Sartorial matters aside, a great personal accessory for the season is a bountiful reading list. Whatever the format - an old-fashioned paper book, an Audible subscription, or an e-book - knowing that you have a season full of reading to cozy up with (and escape into) is an essential. As a team, we're passing around our top picks, and while we don't have a traditional book club, we enjoy having the commonality of reading so that we can discuss over a glass of wine at neighboring Cafetal Social Club. A few current books on our list include the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny, What Happened by Hillary Clinton, and Hunger by Roxane Gay.

A side view picture of the Coclico Lulu Boot on a leather couch.
"All you need is one high boot. Lulu is timeless and can be worn dressed up or down, day to night." Shop the Lulu 

Internally, our team's checklist for the rest of the season is very much rooted in providing as much inspiration as we can for the Coclico woman. For starters, we hope the stories of the incredible women we feature in our Journal add a splash of creativity and reinforce our love for community.

Technically speaking, we also take this time of year to reflect on where we can add or edit our seasonal collections to better serve our customer's needs by considering details like: Do we need more flats or boots? Should there be a variation in colors, textures, or heel heights? Each season serves as a launching pad for the next collection, and as a result, we learn how to make it even better than the last.

Close up image of three pair of Coclico shoes on a marble counter with decor displayed around shoes.
In short, there's so much we think about during the fall season and are energized by the possibilities that the new year inevitably will bring for our brand. But for now, we hope that the books we are reading, the candles we are burning, and the podcasts we are listening to provide a little inspiration - and get our customers through the season, and beyond.


Photos by Bridget Badore for Coclico