Giorgia Zedda

Rachel Schwartzmann
Giorgia Zedda
Many choose to get away during Memorial Day Weekend, however, we at Coclico find this to be a magical time. Call this story a love letter to Mott Street, but we can't get enough of summer in the city, especially in our own backyard. We also learned that Giorgia Zedda of Epistrophy - a fellow Mott Street mainstay - understands this notion perfectly. To kick off the unofficial start to summer, Giorgia graciously invited us over for drinks and a styling session in which she took a spin around the block in both our O'Boy Sandal and Treacle Heel. Much like the perfect cocktail, Giorgia's journey (and style) is dynamic, inspiring, and in many ways, a work in progress. Meet her in this interview and add Epistrophy to your list of places to visit in Nolita this holiday weekend.
Sunlit waist-up image of Giorgia Zedda of Epistrophy.

Meet Giorgia

My name is Giorgia Zedda and I’m one of the owners at Epistrophy in Nolita and Le Fanfare in Greenpoint. I was born and raised in Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean. I moved to New York over a decade ago with my husband, leaving behind a career as a lawyer to open a restaurant and bring Sardinian food and culture to Manhattan. I live in the East Village with my husband, Luca, and our two kids.

I’ve been cooking since I was little, and owning two restaurants lets me explore my passion for food, design, and decor. Plus I have a flexible schedule that allows me to spend lots of time with my family!
Giorgia Zedda seated on a wooden bench sporting the Treacle Heel in Mango leather.

On Epistrophy

We wanted to open our first restaurant in Nolita after I completely fell in love with the neighborhood and community— it really felt like a little village. I spent every day walking the streets to find a space we could call our own. The easy blend of New York and Europe made me feel at home. The streets were overflowing with such a welcoming energy and creativity— in those days, everywhere you looked there were young artists and musicians.
We wanted Epistrophy to be a natural result of this energy. Somewhere all artists, musicians, and writers could come to have a coffee, read a book, daydream, and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People often note that the space feels like your chic friend’s living room, somewhere you can actually relax and want to spend hours in.
Close up of the Sunset in Nolita cocktail, a rye cocktail brightened by Aperol and lime juice

Sunset in Nolita

We have quite a few new cocktails for the summer, and I’m excited about all of them! My favorite is the Sunset in Nolita, a rye cocktail brightened by Aperol and lime juice. It’s so refreshing, without being too sweet. I like that it’s easy to drink but still has a punch. Aperol is so perfect for summer, and this is a unique twist on the classic flavor. Try making it yourself!
Sunset in Nolita Recipe 
0.5oz Simple Syrup 
1oz Lime
0.75oz Aperol
2oz Rye Old Overholt
Shaken and served over one large ice cube in a rocks glass, with mint and a dehydrated lemon wheel for garnish.

We also have a new Housemade Fava Bean Tortelli with a lemon and thyme sauce that I really love. I’m going to be eating it all summer! I also love the Zucchini Toast with goat cheese and spicy honey for breakfast and lunch. It’s hard to pick just one!
Giorgia Zedda seated at the bar at Epistrophy in her Coclico Treacle Heel in Mango leather.

Summer Musings

I love to wear dresses with bright colors. I also am drawn to flowers and geometrical patterns, making sure to epitomize the classic 60’s and 70’s style. My summer uniform is either a long dress or a skirt with a classic white tee-shirt.

I’m open to trying new styles as long as I’m comfortable and can easily walk around, play with my kids and be on my feet at the restaurant.

At Epistrophy, we are hoping to add a new salad with fruit during the peak of seasonal fruit and create a refreshing summer salad dish.
Close up of Giorgia Zedda sitting on a wooden bench showing off her O'Boy Sandal in Rose Metallic Leather.

Giorgia's Mott Street Favorites

I love Cafe Gitane down the street from us. I always get the couscous or avocado toast. I love to browse through all the beautiful shoes at Coclico, of course. Oroboro is a brand new store and they carry so many beautiful products. For years I always shopped at A Détacher, but they just moved over to Mulberry. At least they’re still in Nolita!
Below shoulder shot of Giorgia Zedda seated on a bar stool with crossed legs.

Forever Items

I have a vintage turquoise dress from the 1960s that I bought the first time I moved to New York in 2001. I found it in a little vintage store in the East Village that sadly closed last year. I love that it reminds me of that time in my life, and most importantly it feels like me in dress form. Everything about it—the color, the shape, how comfortable it is.
Giorgia Zedda seated outdoors on a wood bench wearing the Coclico O'Boy Sandal in Rose Metallic Leather.

On Supporting the Neighborhood

Walk around! Give yourself the freedom of not having to be anywhere in particular and just wander through the neighborhood. Everyone’s so friendly, just strike up a conversation and let yourself experience everything Nolita has to offer.
Interior of Epistrophy with Sunset in Nolita cocktail on wooden table.

Photos by Heather Sten for Coclico

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