Sun Sinawi

Rachel Schwartzmann
Sun Sinawi

Modern minimalism is the visual foundation of the Coclico brand, and it is also perfectly embodied by Sun Sinawi. As the shop owner of Pas Mal and all-around advocate for independent design, Sun's style prowess has inspired us at Coclico to no end. Sun's proclivity for a 'less is more' aesthetic in her wardrobe also seamlessly extends to her simple, polished home in South Williamsburg. The space provided the perfect backdrop for a lovely conversation with Sun who styled our Narwhal Heel in Deep Rose Leather and discussed her love for Brooklyn, responsible (digital) influence, and design that speaks for itself.

Sun Sinawi, shop owner of Pas Mal and all-around advocate for independent design seated on wooden steps.

Meet Sun

Hi, my name Sun Sinawi. I am a wife and mother, and I run a brick and mortar store called Pas Mal in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Waist-down image of Suni Sinawi seated on the couch with her two dogs laying on the floor beside her.

Modernity and Minimalism

I’m a firm believer in 'less is more.' Keeping things simple, whether it’s the way you dress, decorate your apartment, or even how you interact with others, can be a form of meditation in my opinion. It's not always easy, but by keeping your life minimal, you can actually allow things that matter to stand out for themselves.

Sun Sinawi lounging in her Coclico Narwhal Heel.

A Love of Brooklyn

I just love that this town is full of creative energy and like-minded people. And I feel extremely grateful to be a part of this community. Its relative rawness inspires me. Yes, it's been gentrified, and yes it can be too hipster-ish, but Brooklyn is still laid back without being sloppy, and people here are not afraid to be original and experimental. Having an army of people like that around makes it a really amazing place to be.

Sun Sinawi standing on wooden steps sporting the Narwhal Heel in Deep Rose leather with an Ilana Kohn Tuck jumpsuit in Lila.

Shop Girl Style

This brings me back to the less is more approach. A simple cut linen/silk jumpsuit and a pair of wooden sandals are my go-to outfit. No need for heavy makeup or a lot of accessories. When I buy for the store, I always keep in mind whether it's comfortable, practical, and versatile. Pas Mal girls like to dress up without looking dressed up. We don't want to look like we try too hard (and we really don't). We like to wear the same jumpsuit or dress from a Sunday brunch to a wedding reception. I'd pair my Coclico Narwhal heels with an Ilana Kohn Tuck jumpsuit in Lila - It's made with lightweight linen in a blush lilac color that will make a beautiful tone-on-tone look with the rose Narwhal.

Sunlit close up of the Coclico Narwhal Heel in Deep Rose leather.

Responsible Influence

Most of my followers are from my home country (Korea), and they are not familiar with the designers we carry at Pas Mal. It is so rewarding to see the design and quality speak for itself without prejudice (here I mean the label).

Sun Sinawi seated on wooden staircase in her Coclico heels.

Springtime Style

Oh, I'm sure every New Yorker has a love-hate relationship with Spring in New York. It's such a teaser. One day it's undeniably beautiful, and the next day it drops back to sub-zero. I've kind of grown to be patient and love this unpredictability. The other day I was walking down the street and saw a fully bloomed magnolia! When did this happen?

Top view of Sun Sinawi in her living room carrying one of her dogs while the other lays beside her.

Forever Items

I always buy local honey whenever I travel somewhere new. I don't wear perfume so smelling and tasting honey from a specific place brings back memories of the place, and that makes me feel nostalgic.

Photos by Alyssa Greenberg for Coclico

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