Spring 2015 Inspiration / Part 2

Avia Coclico
Spring 2015 Inspiration / Part 2
Not only were we inspired by the music of the 1970s for our spring/summer 2015 collection but the decade’s celebration of independence and cultural pluralism also captured our hearts and imaginations. With personal freedoms at the forefront of social conversation, it’s easy to see the cross-cultural influence on the design and fashion of the era. [caption id="attachment_4701" align="aligncenter" width="467"] Brigitte Bardot, 1970s[/caption] [read_more] In particular the decade's creatives were heavily  drawn to the visual heritage of American Indians, who in the 1970s were fighting for their civil rights through the American Indian Movement. 6e1410d4fc191703ebae55ac9686a139
In homage to their geometric designs and graphic minimalism -- particularly a vintage warrior breastplate -- we collaborated with Portland-based artist and maker Haley Ann Robinson on a dynamic black and white print that runs through this season's collection.

To complement to our print collaboration we invited Haley to deck out our Nolita store with her colorful mobiles and jumbo wood geos.

Her beautiful Coclico-centric sketches and styled landscapes will feature on our website this February and March.
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