Spring 2015 inspiration / Part 1

Avia Coclico
Spring 2015 inspiration / Part 1


The Coclico S/S15 collection is a homage to coming-of-age during the era when individualism went mainstream. The 1970's encapsulated personal freedom.  It was a decade when music was exploding into a million beautiful pieces and icons of the scene epitomized the cool of absolute abandon.  Through a collage of shape, colour, print and texture, this collection winks at memories of the 'good ol’days', devil-may-care nights and the music that played on and on. Our interpretation lies somewhere between truth and a rose-tinted imagination, it is a tumbling of random experiences that in the end create a cohesive whole, the rich pattern of summertime.

[read_more] The 1970’s A decade that conjures the memory of so many idle hours spent in total abandon; the warmth of the sun and the magic of twilight lingering with kindred spirits in the halcyon days of summer.

Photo by William Gale Gedney

Exploring didn’t come with warnings and societal fears. Strangers weren’t ominous. Sex wasn’t roulette. Gender role wasn’t codified. We played, untamed and unhindered, as music from car windows and city low-rises mingled in the heat waves.


The MUSES come from that music. We fell in love again with Stevie Nicks and Deborah Harry.

Stevie bathed in golden light that plays so well in the heat of the day with her free flowing, breezy clothes. Fleetwood Mac blasting from cars headed toward the beach piled high with friends all singing along with no restraint.

Photo by Fin Costello


While the night belongs to Deborah with slinky clothes and punk bleached hair and edgy riffs punctuating disco beats. Dancing on and on. Hot and cool.

 our MATERIALS Textures permeate our leathers from soft nubuks to retro sporty perfs, summer jute, and worn, wrinkled lamb. The palette is a study of contrasts; with heat colors, deep ocean hues, soothing pastels all set off by a strong showing of vegetable tanned black, classic cuoios, and white. 

Photo by Helen Levitt

The SILHOUETTES offer the same playful diversity in the ‘70’s vernacular. Bold, contemporary heels and platforms sit with clean wedges, easy flats and statement sandals. Abstracted wood heels and chunky cork bottoms contrast with fresh white sport soles and espadrille sneaker shapes.

See the first arrivals from our S/S15 collection here.     

Peace, love, rock + roll,

            Lisa Nading