Postcard from Mallorca

Avia Coclico
Postcard from Mallorca
Photographer and muse Camila Falquez captured both the tradition of shoemaking and the beauty of Mallorca on her trip to our factory in Spain.

The fact that Coclico shoes are handmade in a small family-run factory of artisans is only half of the story. The environment is intrinsic to the spirit of the brand. 

Camila Falquez lives in New York, and when we first met there was an instant connection. She immediately identified with the modern and strong, yet feminine Coclico woman. When we told her about filming in Mallorca she surprised us by saying she was not only born in Spain, but visited Mallorca every summer since she was a child.

 “When you are in Mallorca,” she describes, “you are very in touch with nature – the sea, the mountains, the sun… it’s a place that is all about the simple pleasures in life. It has the most transparent water, freshest cuisine, and the best parties in the Mediterranean!”  

Surrounded by olive trees and mountains, and steps from the sea, our little piece of Mallorca is both historic and magical. Camila's favorite part: “the people…the artisans who have worked there for more than 25 years truly believe in what they do. Their dedicated process and commitment their craft was so inspiring.” Click to see a the video she created of our beautiful trip.