Mutual Admiration: Meet Photographer Kara Mercer

Diana Haber
Mutual Admiration: Meet Photographer Kara Mercer
Image of photographer Kara Mercer standing beside a lake surrounded by mountains.

This spring we got the unique pleasure of spending a week in photographer Kara Mercer's shoes as she took over our Instagram feed, showing us what we're missing by not living in Seattle. And it sure looks like we are missing a lot! Kara is a fashion, travel and lifestyle photographer known for her use of light and her eye for creative direction. Her work is influenced by contemporary studies in human psychology and the emotive, sometimes ethereal feel of romanticism. And we are picking up what she's putting down. We caught up with Kara last week to talk about it all, from Settle to Slow Living. Keep reading to discover more about our multifaceted friend.

Image of photographer Kara Mercer, facing a concrete wall.

All photos courtesy of KARA MERCER

on SEATTLE    

Seatle has the best of outdoor and city life. We are only minutes away from waterfalls, mountain, and beautiful lakes. Yet, I love city life and it's great spots to enjoy the local farm to table gems too. I love that Seattle is home to some of the best coffee in the world, and is culturally diverse!

Sunlit close up of flowers carefully laid out on linen cloth.

This season my go-to outfit has been classic and minimal. When on the go, I love to wear a black silk top with baggy cut off jeans and a good heel to dress the look up. You also can't beat a beautiful flowy dress during the spring!


Image of photographer Kara Mercer wearing a leather bag.



Accessories! I love all thing accessories. They can take a simple t-shirt and jeans to another level. As my style has developed over the years, I've found myself leaning toward a simpler wardrobe that can be dressed up wth shoes, purses, jewelry, or hats.


Sunlit image of Kara Mercer's Coclico leather sandals posed on a wooden chair.



Silly to say, but a camera. You never know when there are going to be moments that you want to capture.


Forever items stand the test of time. For me, these items include my Skagen watch, leather bag, and wedding rings.


I've never been a person about brands or being on trend per say. To me, fashion is a presence and a feeling of confidence when you wear certain pieces. I choose items that say something about who I am, items that make me feel like a million bucks. The feeling translates when people meet you.


Kara Mercer's Coclico wedges displayed outdoors surrounded by greenery.



We should ask ourselves these questions when finding clothing and home goods: Where are they sourced? Where are they made? Were they ethically made?

I think a lot of people that inadvertently support unethically made goods don't even know it. Honestly, I didn't truly investigate where my items were from until a few years ago. I want to support talented artists around me and see their business thrive, as I love seeing individuals chasing their dreams. When someone puts care and thought into what they make, it gives off a unique style that mass produced goods do not.


Image of photographer, Kara Mercer, standing on a tree stump beside a lake in her Coclico sandals.



Slow living is about being intentional. It is about remembering that life is happening around us, amidst the emails and the long to-do lists. Being a freelance photographer, I intentionally set aside time to stop work and be with the people I love. Knowing more about the world around us, books, different cultures, and beliefs help us to be appreciative of where we are in life. For me 'slow living' means I will look back on life and remember little walks with my pup (Zoe), adventures with my husband, days when I don't get out of pajamas and hang with friends. It's all about those little moments and creating time for them and the joy they bring.


Close up of Coclico wedges displayed beside flowers on a table.



I daydream about concepts for shoots a lot. Late night editing is usually when all my best inspiration comes. My inspirations come from many sources, books, conversations, experiences in life, beautiful interiors, travels, blogs, magazines, and fine artists.


Image Coclico Wedges displayed on a Cactus.



Seattle in the spring is so incredibly dreamy, full of colorful florals and the perfect sunny weather. The best weekends are spent exploring and taking a ferry to our next adventure! I've loved wearing my BASK sandals with a good pair of culottes, jumpsuit, or boyfriend jeans.


Top view of Kara Mercer with her dog, sat besides a picnic and her Coclico wedges.


on ZOE  

My husband and I lived in San Francisco for a few years and decided about two years ago that we wanted to move back to Seattle. On that drive up the cost, we picked up Zoe, my pup. From the minute we got an email about her and saw her sweet little face, we were in love. She has become our little companion for travels, cuddles, and a joy in everyday life. I can't imagine a morning waking up without that silly pup. She's so loving and friendly, with such a personality!


Follow Kara's Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration. Her work has also been featured by Huffpost, Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, FujiFilm, just to name a few.

Thanks, Kara!