Off Duty, Off Shoes

Rachel Schwartzmann
Off Duty, Off Shoes

While we pride ourselves on being a slow fashion brand, our day-to-day is anything but that. Whether we're assisting customers at our Mott Street shop or traveling for appointments, our days are full - which makes it that much more rewarding when kicking off our shoes after a hard day of work. In our spare time, our team takes full advantage of “slow" living, so we wanted to share a few snippets of where our Coclico shoes live when they aren't pounding the pavement. Discover more from a couple of our New York team members.

Image of Chelsea Baumberger's Coclico shoes on display - Body mirror showing Chelsea Baumberger in the background.

Chelsea Baumberger - Showroom Manager and Retail Associate

"Once I get home, I've been trying to ground myself through eating root vegetables for dinner and writing at least one poem to recenter myself. I have vintage magazines and books beside my bed that I've been thumbing through for inspiration, namely a Rudi Geinrecih book that was gifted to me by my neighbor when I was living on Haight Street in San Francisco. It's a stunning book that I'll forever cherish. If I have extra time on my hands, I'll do some watercolor painting and relax with some ashwagandha and red wine."

Waist-down image of Chelsea Baumberger standing in front of a mirror wearing red heels.

"I have no shame in saying that I keep my shoes on display in various corners of my room with my plants. I love my plant babies and my shoe babies so they might as well keep each other company."

Image of Chelsea Baumberger's shoe rack.

Daniella Hildebrandt - Office and Production Manager

"When I get home from my 45+ minute commute, I need some 'me time,' and my partner understands and gives me a good 15 minutes to myself to unwind. I will pet my kitty, grab a glass of wine and relax on the couch while either finishing the article I was reading on the train or scrolling through Instagram."

Sunlit close up of three pairs of boots belonging to Chelsea Baumberger.

"I love displaying and merchandising my shoes. They are quite literally little forms of architecture. If I had my way, I would have ALL of my shoes on display, but there is simply not enough room in my apartment, and so I store unseasonable footwear in storage bins in my closet, next to my bed and even under my bed! I place my in-season footwear on a shoe rack near the front door for easy access and for guests to admire as they enter the apartment of course!"

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Photos by Bridget Badore for Coclico