Meet the duo behind Hackwith Design House

Avia Coclico
Meet the duo behind Hackwith Design House
A young brand with a fresh take on retail, Hackwith Design House is rethinking the way clothing is made and sold in America. In their new Minneapolis studio space founder Lisa Hackwith works designing and producing weekly capsule collections of limited edition pieces. Lisa also works in collaboration with small retailers across the country creating exclusive collections for each. In a sea of mass produced fashion the Hackwith Design House philosophy is that of unique designer produced pieces priced within reach. This weekend we caught up with Lisa Hackwith and her partner and Operations Director, Erin Husted, to talk shop, style, and everyone favorite topic... dogs. [caption id="attachment_4988" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Hackwith Design House Summer 2015 Lookbook. Photos by Canary Grey Photography. Hackwith Design House Summer 2015 Lookbook. Photos by Canary Grey Photography.[/caption] [read_more] the BEGINNING (Lisa) When I first started about 6 years ago, I had some success with my Etsy shop and getting wholesale orders, but in order to make my business sustainable, something had to change. In February 2013, I took a few months off to re-work my business model; I re-launched Hackwith Design House in September 2013. The new model centered on my priorities: staying in Minneapolis, manufacturing all the clothing in the U.S., and making sure I love everything with my name on it. I was a studio art major in college, and I always appreciated those artists that would create unique pieces and number them. I figured I could do the same thing with clothes I made. Thus the limited-edition model was born: 2-4 designs are released every Monday, no more than 25 pieces of each.  (Erin) HDH has grown to include lines that aren't limited edition, HDH Basics and HDH Swim. We hope to continue to add new lines in the future! But all of our wholesale accounts are limited edition too, and that isn't something we plan on changing. We want to continue to create pieces as unique as our customers who buy them. [caption id="attachment_4949" align="aligncenter" width="500"]HDH Summer 15 Lookbook. MARLEY dress, BENSON dress, and Coclico TYRION sandals. HDH Summer 15 Lookbook. MARLEY dress, BENSON dress, and Coclico TYRION sandals.[/caption]

on GROWING  (E) We have added new lines, but we don't view that as moving away from the limited edition model as much as adding to it.  Basics and Swim both complement our limited edition pieces.  Our short-sleeve Basic top, for instance, can look great under one of our limited edition kimonos.  Our swim line is perfect for your day at the beach under our Kaftan or a kimono as a cover up.  (L) My goal is to make pieces that become staples in your closet.  Some of those pieces are basics while others are more unique, but the person wearing them is really what makes them stand out.  Also, yes sometimes growing your business is terrifying!  (E) It helps to be working with a friend who is super talented and keeps making stuff people want to buy!

on THE LOOKBOOK COLLAB (L)  I was really excited to get to use Coclico shoes for the summer lookbook because the lines and colorways really compliment HDH pieces.  On top of the beautiful footwear, they're all made ethically and meant to last, which are both important values for us as well.  It's just the perfect pairing.  I love getting to work with Wing of Canary Grey.  She has such an incredible eye, and I am just thrilled with the results of our shoot.

[caption id="attachment_4946" align="aligncenter" width="500"]lookbook-13 HDH DARCY jumper, RUTH tank, and Coclico FANNY heels.[/caption]

on MODELS (E) We wanted to make buying the pieces as easy as possible.  I think using different size models helps demonstrate the way our clothing works on all different body types.  For instance, when we launched HDH Swim, we wanted to use two models that show the way the suits work on someone who is a size 0-2 as well as someone who is a 10-12.  It just made sense for us to do it that way.

on CONSIDERATE SHOPPING  (L) At this point, my closet is primarily Hackwith Design House.  I strive to be a designer that stands behind what I make, so I make sure to love each piece I create, which results in a pretty full closet.  When looking for pieces for my home, I try to find items made by people who feel the same way about their pieces.

on UNIFORM  (L) I tend to dress for functionality when I'm working - comfortable jeans and typically an easy top.  But I also change 2-3 times a day because when I make a sample piece, I wear it for an hour or two to make sure it functions and drapes well and is comfortable and easy to wear.

[caption id="attachment_4961" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Lisa in one of the days many outfits. Posted by her to Instagram. Lisa in one of the days many outfits. Posted by her to Instagram.[/caption]

on DRESSING UP (L) I love wearing jumpers to dressier occasions.  It's such a fun way to dress up that is not a typical cocktail dress.  We have some new wide-legged jumpers coming out on June 8th that almost appear to be dresses but are actually jumpers, and I think those are perfect for a wedding or dressier event.

[caption id="attachment_4959" align="aligncenter" width="500"]The HDH DARCY Jumper, paired here with Coclico KISS Sandals. The HDH DARCY Jumper, paired here with Coclico KISS Sandals.[/caption]

on DOGS  (L) I have a Rottweiler named Samson.  He comes to hang out in our studio sometimes; this is a photo of him in the space right before we moved in! (E) We loving having him as our shop dog!

[caption id="attachment_4950" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Samson at home in the new Hackwith Design Head Office. Samson at home in the new Hackwith Design House Head Office.[/caption]