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Julie Resnick

Julie Resnick wears many hats as the co-founder of The Feedfeed, a global crowd-sourced food and lifestyle media company. The largely digital business has cultivated a unique platform for food-lovers around the world. Now, the culinary entrepreneur is taking her brand one step further with the introduction of FeedfeedBrooklyn - a newly-opened studio, kitchen, and event space in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. From community to slow living to culinary exploration, there are many things we admire about Julie's endeavors. She recently invited us to experience the magic of FeedfeedBrooklyn firsthand and spoke more about her hopes for the company and holiday traditions.

Profile shot of Julie Resnick, the co-founder of The Feedfeed, a global crowd-sourced food and lifestyle media company.

Meet Julie

I am Julie Resnick, a mom of three amazing kids Chloe, Mae, and Vance, married to Dan who is also my co-founder of The Feedfeed (@thefeedfeed on Instagram and thefeedfeed.com). We live year round in Amagansett, NY in a tiny 800 square foot house on Napeague Harbor.

Close up of Julie Resnick walking down the stairs in the Chenoa Heel in Chianti Leather.

The Inception of The Feedfeed

We started The Feedfeed four years ago as a social media community focused on cooking, baking, and drinking. Since then, The Feedfeed has become a food and lifestyle media company, creating/distributing epicurean and lifestyle content fueled by a social media community on Instagram. These channels allow those to share culinary inspiration with each other on one of the most commonly used hashtags - #feedfeed & #thefeedfeed (over 8 million instances). You can follow us on our many accounts: @thefeedfeed, @thefeedfeed.vegan, @thefeedfeed.chocolate, @thefeedfeed.baking, @thefeedfeed.glutenfree, @thefeedfeed.recipevideos, @thefeedfeed.cocktails, and @thefeedfeed.travels.

A rigorous curation process with a team of over 200 community editors contributes to one of the world’s largest crowdsourced digital publications - thefeedfeed.com. We also recently launched The Feedfeed TV, consisting of over 30+ unique ongoing monthly shows produced with our influencer community, running on Instagram Stories and syndicated on thefeedfeed.com/tv. 

Also, The Feedfeed has developed one of the largest Influencer Networks in the epicurean and lifestyle verticals, as well as an experiential division hosting events and meetups all over the world. We recently launched the first of many physical spaces - FeedfeedBrooklyn, a studio, kitchen and events space in the Bushwick neighborhood.

Regarding sustainability, The Feedfeed has from its inception had the goal of getting people to cook more at home which we feel like in itself is something that drives sustainability since as people cook more, they care about where their produce comes from, leading to increased desires to source locally or at least sustainably.

Additionally, since our inception, we have formed deep connections to local and regional farms in New York. We partner with Grow NYC, the urban market organization that runs over 50 markets in the city, as well as our own local farms where I am head of the board of directors and on the advisory board of Amber Waves Farm and Quail Hill Farm respectively.


Julie Resnick seated cross legged on a kitchen counter in her Coclico heels.

The Brooklyn Way

It is always an amazing experience to realize something in real life, particularly when your company is mostly in the virtual or digital/social space. So, everything from the design process to hosting actual events has been an amazing next step for us in actually engaging our community and brand partners in a physical space for experiential type activations. This has been a long time coming as our experiential offerings have developed in the past couple years, with us now hosting events with our community and brand partners all over the world. We hope that this physical space becomes a place where our community not only join us for events but also use the space to create content, host book launches, and more - all free of charge, all for the goal of continuing to build community.

Close up image of Julie Resnick standing with crossed ankles in the Chenoa Heel.

Slow Cooking, Style, Life

We live a rural coastal life in many ways when at home in Amagansett, particularly in the off-season. Our membership in local farms, relationships with local fisherman via Dock To Dish, as well as the local art and surfing culture really guide our day-to-day. We cook/eat almost exclusively seasonally and cook nearly every night when not traveling. Both Dan and I prefer to pick up clothing in various places when we travel, but generally speaking, we both like to dress on the eccentric side when possible.

Sunlit image of Julie Resnick smiling with hand placed on kitchen island.

Coclico Woman

It must have been over ten years ago when I first discovered Coclico. We were living on the Lower East Side, and my office was in Soho, so I walked to work through Nolita every day. This particular Coclico shoe caught my eye in the store; it has the comfort of a boot and the style of a heel and a little bit of edge, not to mention the unique color.

Below-shoulder image of sitting on a staircase sporting the Chenoa Heel in Chianti Leather.

Forever Items

My moments of real fulfillment and inspiration in the kitchen are when I get to experiment with flavors and take the same collection of ingredients (produce +/- meat and fish) and create recipes that get inspiration from all over the world, be it Thai, Middle Eastern, or Korean for example.

A creative take on standard ingredients is really what excites my family and friends. An example of a favorite of ours is a coconut curry that I make with root vegetables, tofu, and garnished with cilantro, avocado, and yogurt. Another aspect of cooking/eating that really inspires me is when a day is spent foraging for the ingredients, be it at the local farms, or fishing or shellfish snorkeling in the sea nearby. The resultant meal and time with family/friends is accentuated by the adventure required in sourcing the ingredients.

Full-body shot of Julie Resnick leaning on a white wall with crossed ankles wearing her Coclico heels.

Seasonal Splendor

Holidays, holidays, holidays - it is the biggest time of the year in food, both from the publishing side, but also from the audience side. It’s the time of year when even people that don't cook or bake actually turn on the oven and pay attention to recipes. It is also a time that some people enjoy deviating from tradition, and that is where we love to get involved and help people get creative in the kitchen.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Coclico

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