Gillian Stevens Takeover

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Gillian Stevens Takeover

Earlier this Spring talented Vancouver photographer, and Coclico aficionado, Gillian Stevens did us the tremendous favor of curating her go to selection of our Spring/Summer collection. We were first attracted to her when we happened upon her beautiful Instagram feed, full of inspirational travel, interior and family photographs. So it was fitting that Gillian stepped in and took over our feed for a week late in February. 


Gillian in her Vancouver home. Wearing the SPINDLE clog in black.[/caption] We caught up with her recently to talk about her home town, fashion, and living slow. [read_more] on life in VANCOUVER  I grew up in a suburb very close to Vancouver and would definitely consider myself a native - although living in the city these past few years has definitely felt new and exciting. I love many things about my city. Firstly, it's incredibly beautiful. I live right by the beach and there aren't too many days that can pass before I need to be by the water - either for a run, bike ride, picnic, or just to sit and read. I'm often overwhelmed by the beauty of Vancouver.

Morning Run Vancouver Gillian Stevens

Gillian's morning run. Photo via Gillian Stevens Instagram.[/caption] Secondly, Vancouver is a hub of creatives and independent small businesses. There are so many wonderful shops, restaurants, artists, and entrepreneurs in this city which makes it an amazing community to live in and also be a part of.

Liberty Bakery Gillian Stevens Coclico

Liberty Bakery in Vancouver. Photo via Gillian Stevens' Instagram.[/caption] And lastly, the people who live here are wonderful. My husband and I have such a rich community of friends and neighbours. It is hard for me to imagine a better group of people to do life with! We are very blessed. on UNIFORM  I would consider myself a classic dresser. My closet is full of mostly neutral basics and staple pieces that I wear over and over. Lately I have been wearing lots of mid length skirts with a sweater or cardigan and a cute pair of sandals or loafers. 
Gillian Stevens Coclico Pril shoes

Keeping it simple. Knee length skirt, fisherman sweater and the PRIL flat. Photo by Gillian Stevens.[/caption]  

can't live WITHOUT  My husband and family :). They're the best, and make life so sweet.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.36.10 PM Life's sweetest things. Photo via Gillian Stevens.

on FOREVER ITEMS  I have a really simple grey Demy Lee wool cardigan that I probably have worn almost every day since I got it. It goes with everything and is perfect. I also have a woven market tote that I picked up in France a couple years ago that I bring with me everywhere.

Gillian Stevens CoclicoGillian's French market tote.

on FEWER BETTER THINGS  I look for pieces that have a timeless style, that are really well made, and usually are a neutral colour. I like to invest in things I can see myself having for a long time - all of the things in my closet and home are well used and loved, so anything that I buy needs to really fit into those categories. Buying high quality pieces usually means that there is a lot of thought that goes into them before actually purchasing. I like to make sure that whatever I buy will really get used - and usually if I think about it for a long time and still really love it, it's a good sign! 

Coclico shoes

Gillian's tonal selection curation of the Coclico SS16 collection.

on SLOW LIVING  I make a lot of food at home. I find that process very therapeutic and fulfilling. I do a lot of meal planning which helps make sure that we use everything in our fridge. I love knowing that I am making really good and healthy choices for our family, and making lifestyle choices that sustain. Plus, my husband and I usually get into some great conversations while I'm cooking in the kitchen! It's something I look forward to.

on sources of DISCOVERY  Probably Pinterest and Instagram! Mostly I love the people that they connect me to and meeting people is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I love being encouraged by what others are doing and making! The other big one for me is travel. I can't seem to get enough! Trips always leave me feeling incredibly inspired.

Gillian Stevens Hungary Gillian is currently inspiring us with photos from Hungry. Via Gillian Stevens.

on her beautiful HOME  I love our home so much! It really is one of my favourite places to be. We've only lived here for a year and a half, but have been in this neighbourhood for three years. My most loved room is the living/dining room. It's really bright and airy - and it gets used in so many different ways. I am often pushing the furniture aside and using one half as my studio space for photo shoots. I love how much it gets used! We also get an amazing ocean breeze, and the view is lovely. 

Gillian Stevens Coclico ANEME wedge
Gillian in her dinning room. Wearing the ANEME slide. Photo via Gillian Stevens.[/caption] on spring WEEKENDS  It would definitely include being outside - either for a long run, bike ride or lots of walking. I love this season for the flowers that bloom and all the greenery. I like to get house projects done and putter around the house. It always feels great to get those things done. We loooove having friends or family over for dinner - so that would definitely be included. Sharing delicious food, amazing conversation and lots of laughter - it's my soul food for sure! I would probably wear a spring dress, cardigan, and the Orphys Sandal. That would be ideal! [caption id="attachment_5335" align="aligncenter" width="492"]
Coclico Oryphys sandal Gillian Stevens
On perfect weekends. Gillian in her home wearing the ORPHYS sandal. Photo via Gillian Stevens.[/caption]
Morning Run Vancouver Gillian Stevens
Liberty Bakery Gillian Stevens Coclico
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Gillian Stevens Coclico
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