Elyse Fox on Harnessing Creative Courage

Rachel Schwartzmann
Elyse Fox on Harnessing Creative Courage

Elyse Fox, a New York-based filmmaker and rising activist, is changing the conversation around mental health as we know it. As the founder of Sad Girls Club and Produced by Girls, Elyse's current work focuses heavily on destigmatizing mental health and building a platform for young women seeking community. With Elyse's penchant for creativity, we were unsurprised to find that her sense of style is just as expressive and dynamic as her passion for storytelling. To learn more, we met with Elyse at her garden apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn and discussed empowering women, harnessing creative courage, and the synergy between fashion and film.

 Elyse Fox, filmmaker, and founder of Sad Girls Club, seated on a wooden bench.

Meet Elyse

Heyyyy! I'm Elyse Fox, filmmaker, and founder of Sad Girls Club.

The Liseli Boot in Star Pewter worn by Elyse Fox.

Defining Modern Activism
I definitely would consider both Sad Girls Club and Produced by Girls as my form of activism. With Produced by Girls, I saw a lack of coverage of blossoming female creatives, and instead of complaining about it I decided to create a platform for those ladies. The same idea helped me curate Sad Girls Club. I felt that it was finally time to remove the negative stigma that surrounds mental health conversations, particularly for young women of color. I would encourage girls to use their style to their advantage. If you have a community of followers who are intrigued by your style, use that audience to spread a positive message.
New York-based filmmaker and rising activist, Elyse Fox wearing her Coclico boots.

On the Making of Sad Girls Club

Sad Girls Club is an online and real-life community created for young women to express their mental health journeys, tips, and coping advice without fear of judgment. I created Sad Girls Club because I felt a lack of mental health representation in the media. I want to normalize the conversation. I believe now women have become more open since I began the Club.

Image of Elyse Fox walking in the Liseli Boot in Star Pewter.

Fashion and Film

I think both go hand in hand. Through fashion and film, you have the platform to express yourself freely; you can wear your emotions on your sleeve or dress up in your favorite pair of shoes to uplift your spirit. As a filmmaker, I'm able to tell my story through my lens and share it with the world.

Image of Elyse Fox seated casually in her Coclico boots alongside plants.

Forever Items

I would say my mascara and a nice statement denim jacket are my "forever items."

Close up of the Coclico Liseli Boot.

Off-Duty Community

I've always been the person to bring people together. I love having small dinner parties, connecting like-minded people and expanding everyone's network. My friend Samera Paz created an amazing community named Girl Power Meetups based in D.C. We share the same passion for bringing people together in a positive way.

Elyse Fox, filmmaker and founder of Sad Girls Club seated on a wooden bench.

On Finding Creative Courage

I was sooooo nervous before I released my last film Conversations with Friends. I was afraid people would judge me. I reminded myself the day it released that through this film, I'm able to help people and shine a light on a very important topic. All the sad girls in the world help me trust my vision and process. My style is one the main ways I express myself every day; I love creating looks and mixing it up a bit.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Coclico

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