Daniela Jacobs of ARC Objects

Avia Coclico
Daniela Jacobs of ARC Objects

With an overactive imagination since, forever, an obsession with drawing since she was three, a casual ceramics hobby since she was six and a passion for interior decorating—her childhood doll house—Daniela Jacobs was pretty much sure she was destined for a creative life. Growing up between NYC and Mallorca (where our shoes are from), Jacobs completed a degree at Parsons before launching her own brand of beautiful wares called ARC Objects, a collection of asymmetrical objects and jewelry bold in geometrics and minimal in color. “I'm inspired by geometry and forms found in nature,” Jacobs says. “I also like the idea of shapes that fit within shapes, the role of negative space, and asymmetry that feels like symmetry.”

Daniela setting up in our Soho shop.

Starting with porcelain, Jacobs got into metal work after deciding she didn’t want to finish her jewelry with the mass produce clasps available, believing that it was take away from the design, and decided to make her own. Passionate about creating consciously, Jacobs locally sources her materials, practices small-scale industrial product and hand finishes each piece. For the holiday season, ARC Objects has a pop up in our store on 275 Mott St. – make sure to visit! – and below Jacob’s talks Mallorca conscious production and her passion for barely there color.

   on CREATING CONSCIOUSLY "I think it's irresponsible and shortsighted not to consider the material impact of your actions. Being as environmentally conscious as possible in the design and fabrication process should be a given. Environmental degradation is a deeply upsetting side effect of modern life. I don't like to support giant corporate companies that don't share my views on production ethics if I can help it."

ARC jewelry and objects, from their website.

   on MALLORCA "There are many things about Mallorca and its culture that I find very inspiring. There's the pleasure of living life at a slower pace, getting to see my amazing friends, speaking Mallorquin and spending time along the rocky coasts. The natural beauty there always feels like visual medicine! The textures, colors and shapes are unreal. Mallorca feeds me inspiration in my work and life that I carry with me wherever I am."

   on OFF WHITE "I do love colors that are barely colors, usually shades that are mostly white, but with a hint of something else. I find it both exciting in its minimal dynamism and relaxing on the eyes. I like keeping both materials in their natural shades." 

   on THE HOLIDAYS "I spend the holiday season with friends and family—cooking a lot, wearing bulky knit sweaters to ward off the bitter New York cold, enjoying long, slow dinners and catching up on all those New Yorker articles I never got to but saved for "later." To me, this time of year means being cozy in all senses of the word."

   on FOREVER ITEMS "Most of the items I own have some kind of story behind them. Mainly because nearly everything I own has either come from a thrift store or I've made it myself or altered it in someway. One particular item comes to mind… a straw basket-bag I use every day when I'm in Mallorca. I found it in my family's home there—completely ignored for probably 30 years! It has leather handles and is an unusual design for a straw bag of its size. I love that thing! I have no idea where it's from (and no one in my family remembers anymore), but if I can manage it, it's something I'll keep using forever."

Daniela's work in our Soho shop.