Coclico in the Wild

Avia Coclico
Coclico in the Wild
Close up the Coclico Taz Sandal displayed beside red flowers.

At Coclico we believe that minimalism is at its apex when it’s well thought out - otherwise it’s quickly boring, or worse, not useful. We treat our approach to designing each collection more like object design or architecture - every little detail is gone over ad nauseam. More specifically, natural elements - including cork, wood and leather - provide a solid root in which our collections are built from time and time again.

Minimalism speaks to our personal aesthetics, in part because we are careful shoppers and we want to be sure that everything we own has a sustainable place in our longterm wardrobe. Today we’re celebrating these values by sharing the inception of three prominent styles that better speak to the role natural elements play in our designs, and the practicality they provide for living life artfully in the urban jungle.

Image of the Coclico Taz Sandal placed on a wooden table with decor in background.


While the TAZ is a new style for SS17 at heart it's a classic because we know our customer loves the look, height, and fit. It seems quite simple, but the solid wood offset heel was a technical challenge. This is pretty typical of our designs, those small details that set them apart even as they maintain simplicity. This is the first slide we have done on this classic city heel and we love that this is most definitely strappy, but not skimpy - and the navy stripe is a nod to the Breton Stripe and the French origins of our brand.

The Coclico Zephira Sandal on a leather couch with eucalyptus plant and opened book in background.


ZEPHIRA is a perfect city sandal with its walkable heel and neutral tones. The stacked heel cover hides a solid wood interior - practical but far from boring! It's such a versatile shoe and can be outfitted in a variety of ways: from art openings with a sleek a-line dress to running errands in a pair of worn cuffed jeans. This is our third Summer running the ZEPHIRA because it has that magic balance of being a standout design, but also somehow easy.

Sunlit top view image of the Coclico Paddle Oxford.


The PADDLE is our freshest offering for SS17 and is hand-crocheted in Spain with a braided leather binding. It’s comfortable and easy to style but is definitely a statement - plus, it’s breathable and is a great way to be a little more covered up in the Spring. The Coclico woman wants to be noticed for her individual choices without being loud and the PADDLE does just that.

These three staples only scratch the surface when it comes to our growing selection of styles for our conscious contemporary shopper. We believe that every purchase we make is precious and should become a cherished possession… so we owe it to ourselves and our community to pour all of our attention into making sure each style can exist in the wild - no matter the season.

Close up image of the Coclico Paddle Oxford alongside an eucalyptus branch.


Photos by Bridget Badore for Coclico