Adele Tetangco on Making the Garmentory Girl

Rachel Schwartzmann
Adele Tetangco on Making the Garmentory Girl

Adele Tetangco is revolutionizing the way we discover independent design through Garmentory, a global platform with a steady roster of emerging designers and the boutiques that carry them. With access to some of the most promising talent in the industry, Adele is paving the way for new creators to build brands with intention. With that said, here at Coclico, we too are proud to have a long-standing partnership with Garmentory (you can find our designer page here), but for this interview, we were thrilled to have a chance to meet with Adele in a more casual setting. We met with Adele (who was clad in some of our contemporary designers with the Cally Boot in Star Pewter as the perfect finishing touch), on the last day of Capsule, and discussed independent design, life in the Pacific Northwest, and the importance of forever items.

Adele Tetangco, a co-founder of Garmentory, casually seated on a wooden table.

Meet Adele

I'm Adele Tetangco, a co-founder of Garmentory, and notorious for starting chants.

Close up of Adele Tetangco seated with crossed ankles sporting the Coclico Cally Boot in Pewter Leather.

On Thinking Big to #ShopSmall

The mission of Garmentory hasn’t changed. We’ve grown into an online platform and community, so it’s just become bigger and more impactful. The day-to-day is never the same, but it’s a constant juggling act of catching up and falling behind.

Co-founder of Garmentory, Adele Tetangco, walking in the Cally Boot.

Garmentory Girl

I see Garmentory women as being independent and forward-thinking in both life and style. Coclico + Garmentory = love! I love their styling and how much care and craftsmanship they put into each shoe they create. It’s the perfect fit for us. I would pair my Coclico shoes with a bold pair of Julie Thevenot earrings.

Adele Tetangco seated on a wooden chair in her Coclico boots.

Mirror, Mirror

When I get up in the morning, I pick my outfit based off of how I feel or how it makes me feel. I guess that’s my motivation: feeling great. I think that the landscape has changed a lot the past five years. There’s a lot more awareness and information out there on how fast fashion is affecting the environment and the people making it. I think it’s important for people to become more aware of what they’re buying, where it’s coming from and who made it.

Close up of the Cally Boot in Pewter Leather worn by Adele Tetangco who stands in front of a mirror.

Life in the Pacific Northwest

Vancouver is actually pretty much about slow living and style, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. It’s also always been so supportive of the independent designers. And I love how it always rains here when it’s not summer. It makes the trees grow very tall and makes everything green and clean.

Image of Adele Tetangco smiling and leaning on a wooden table.

Forever Items

I bought a pair of Rachel Comey earrings when they had just started to add earrings to their brand collection. I’ll keep them forever. They’re a statement piece. Big, bold and bulky. I call them a pick-me-up piece. If I’m feeling a little blah in my outfit, I just need to pin my hair back and wear them.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Coclico

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