Laura Egea

Diana Haber
Laura Egea

Image of Laura Egea, a Barcelona-based photographer and art director posing in a silver ensemble.

In celebration of the first days of Summer, we are pleased to introduce Laura Egea, a Barcelona-based photographer and art director. Coclico is proudly made in Spain so we wanted to pay homage to the Catalan capital by partnering with a local creator with an eye on the best interiors and urban landscapes to enhance our summer collection.

Close up side view of the Berry Heel in Cuoio leather.


The Berry Heel displayed next to a lounge chair with a beautiful view in background.

Her work has a dreamy aesthetic with a refined and balanced style. Inspired by architecture and design, with special attention to Catalan Modernism that includes a preference for curved lines, asymmetrical shapes, and natural elements. Laura's eye for details and a warm touch reminds us of the beauty of the Mediterranean landscapes. We are pleased to share some gorgeous imagery she created for us along with a friendly talk about her work, inspiration, and content creation.

Laura Egea standing with crossed arms in a dining room.
Close up the Thames Heel in Black leather with a lamp in background.


How would you describe what you do?

It seems to me a very curious question because, during these last years, many people asked me what I was doing or what my job was. I am not usually very active on social networks, where I only show pictures of my travels, interiors, and works for brands. I worked for 8 years for a Spanish fashion textile company, and I gradually started to take photos and shifted towards communication jobs thanks to my network. I picked up art direction and photography, until I decided to leave my previous job and fully follow the new path. 
After a year as a freelance, I ended up being part of a very interesting project by a close friend called Rowse Beauty where I am a project manager. On the side, I also manage other projects as an Art Director and Content Creator.

Laure Egea seated in white sporting the Whop Bootie.


The Coclico Whoop Bootie in Guanto Cloud on a wooden table with decor in background.

In my photography, I always try to follow the same aesthetic line and add some references to architecture and design.
 I'm not following a set pattern, I just trying to get comfortable with what I'm photographing.

Architecture is my passion. I don't understand how I didn't end up being an architect! I love looking for books where I find references that I did not know before, I have a special obsession, I previously locate buildings and houses that I like online and then I try to visit them.

Laura Egea holding the Oak Sandal in Puff Screen with a view of the beach.
Top view shot of the Coclico Oak Sandal in Puff Screen.

I could say that traveling is the best way to grow artistically.
Without any doubt, the island of Naoshima and Teshima in Japan were particularly inspiring for my work. 
The island is an incredible place that combines nature, architecture, and design and there are several contemporary art museums designed by great architects. Spending a few days there was very special, I really would love to go back.

Laura Egea's photography inspired by her trip to the islands of Naoshima and Teshima in Japan.
A picture taken by Laura Egea of a kid walking in the streets of Japan.
A picture taken by Laura Egea during her travel to the islands of Naoshima and Teshima in Japan.



My favorite artist is Jean Cocteau, the architect who inspires me the most Le Corbusier, and a photographer who I identify with is Franco Fontana.

Laura Egea sitting in the grass modeling a Coclico wedge.


Sunlit image of the Coclico Massy Wedge on the grass.

Interview by Francesca Russano