Becky Wallace


In her garage studio in New Brunswick, Becky Wallace sets a lovely table replete with home grown floral arrangements and lovingly poured glasses of wine. Simple scenes that invite you in and suggest it might be time to pour your own glass for a virtual cheers! Most kindly, Becky treated her Coclico shoes to a little styling session of their own, and gave us a look at her understated but elevated personal style in action during a romantic weekend getaway. Her style is one of carefully edited, muted pairings that create maximal impact. 

Becky's Story

I am a stylist living in New Brunswick, Canada, with my husband and son. I stumbled upon my passion for styling and photography when I borrowed my mother’s camera a few years ago. I felt so compelled to create and capture that I couldn’t sit still. I eventually bought a camera of my own and started working on collaborations with other artists, local businesses and brands. I’ve slowly been transforming my garage into a studio space where I design and capture visual stories. I am extremely grateful for this creative outlet and studio space! I have big plans for a studio renovation someday soon!

An Inherited Green Thumb

My mother has always been an incredible gardener and has taught me the patience required to grow my own flowers. My love for flowers didn’t really blossom until the year I planned my wedding. My mom and I filled flower boxes with lovely plants and tended to them all summer. When the day arrived, they were overflowing and lined the aisle beautifully. I also foraged for flower petals to dry and use as confetti during the ceremony. It’s been a regular part of my process ever since. I enjoy foraging in nature for bits to add to flower creations, making them incredibly unique and allowing a personal style to flourish based on the seasons and environment.


Personal Style

I opt for comfortable, boxy styles and love being able to move with ease in my clothing. When dressing up for a special occasion, I tend to lean in that same direction and stay true to my style. A few weekends ago, my husband and I snuck away overnight to the Rossmount Inn (where we were married) to celebrate his birthday. I loved pairing a flowy dress with the Richie Clog. It made me feel glamorous while staying comfortable. Dressing up for a lunch or dinner date is my favourite! There are so many incredible Coclico styles, I love the simplicity of the shoes and appreciate the attention to detail and comfort. I particularly love the Richie Clog and the Holmes Flat! I could definitely choose Coclico styles that would pair perfectly with my wardrobe for any occasion.

On the Horizon

I have a really fun collaboration coming up featuring some children’s furniture and I cannot wait to get started! The pieces are stunning, sustainably made and minimally designed. Stay tuned!

Your online presence is exceptionally well-curated (Your Instagram is a whole mood). Do you have any advice on creating a personal brand?

You are too kind, thank you! Hearing that makes me so happy and I love having an outlet on which to share my work. I really try not to focus too much on everything fitting with each other perfectly, but rather following my heart and staying true to what brings me joy. I think if you do and share what you love, it comes through in the work and people are drawn to it!

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