Assorted FALL | 2 Pairs | Size 37
2 Pairs of Assorted Fall Styles



Here is one for the risk-takers! Sure, it's a gamble, but if you love Coclico we think it's one you might enjoy taking! Who doesn't love a good mystery?  

Please read carefully.

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This Mystery Box will contain two pairs of randomly selected assorted styles from our greater Sample Sale inventory. The pairs may be from any past Fall/Winter collection, in any color, any height, any style, and any material. We will include 3 varied styles. This selection is only offered in size 37, as this is our actual sample size and we have a wealth of one-of-a-kind shoes in this size.

Fall items from multiple collections may be included. All sorts of colors and materials will be included. The selection in each box is random and we cannot take requests, sorry. Why do these items end up at Sample Sale? The answer is different for nearly every pair. Many items are stray pairs from past seasons or discontinued items that we can no longer sell, some are sales or press samples that have been worn (lightly) on a photoshoot, or that have a slightly different material or design to the style that eventually was produced, some are one-offs that were not made because they were too expensive to produce or components too hard to come by. Each shoe has its own story. 

The contents of each box is a mystery, and so please understand that we will not be taking requests, sending photos, or otherwise bend the rules of this sale. If you find this scary, we understand entirely, we get that this format will not appeal to everyone. 

Every pair will be inspected before shipping to ensure there are no extreme flaws or defects. The small team packing the Mystery Boxes has strict instructions to only ship pairs they would be happy to receive themselves. 

Just like at our in-person sample sales, we're afraid nothing is guaranteed. If items in your box do not work for you we suggest you try and swap with friends, bring your pair/s to a local consignment store, or repost them on Treet, the Coclico-fan resale site. We truly hope you find satisfaction and joy in your box, but we're afraid there is no way around the fact that while fun, a mystery is by its nature a risk. 

If the unthinkable happens and you don’t love your surprise, remember Treet is here for all your resale needs (with other Coclico fans at the ready to snap them up!). 

All Sample Sale Mystery Boxes are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned or exchanged. No exceptions can be made.

Assorted Fall
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