Laurice Fox
It's happening! Size 42 is coming to Coclico. We're starting with an offering of a dozen styles from our upcoming fall collection that are initially available by special order only. Expanding Coclico's sizing has been on our minds for a while, but it took meeting Laurice Fox last year and her infectious enthusiasm for making this a reality to help us take the leap. Without further ado, Laurice will walk you through the offering.


Earlier this year I realized I needed a career change. Intuitively, I began researching local New York City shoe designers with whom I could apprentice. While many brands stood out for their individuality, unique vision, and niche clientele, Coclico really grabbed my attention with their creative simplicity and elegance. I had never heard of the brand--most likely due to the fact that I wear a Women's size US 11.5/12 (EU 42/43), and I know (or think I know) for the most part which brands run in my size and within my budget.


Although Coclico shoes stop at an EU 41/US 10.5/11 (until now with the ability to pre-order select styles in 42 for the upcoming season!), their contemporary designs and interpretations of classic styles like an ankle boot or pump are exactly what I fantasize about in a reliable and sexy everyday, go-to shoe. Those of you who share in my struggle and frustration when it comes to shopping for shoes in limited sizes know how much a flattering, well-made style is taken for granted.

Beyond strong design, the brand is built on tradition and heritage--Sandra, the founder, stems from a French shoe-making family and possesses an abundance of knowledge on the industry. Coclico offers a happy medium: sustainable, slow-fashion that doesn’t sacrifice the luxury their clientele appreciates; achieved by crafting their shoes with soft, beautifully-dyed and embossed leathers. The standards that Coclico maintains, which shine through in their gorgeous end-product, are standards I would love to see other brands adopt; especially those that offer larger and wider sizes, 12 US and above.


In the meantime, I am super excited that Coclico will start offering select styles from their Fall 2020 collection to pre-order in size EU 42 (approx 11/11.5 US). Their Fall styles boast some of the best-looking leather boots and clogs I’ve laid my eyes on. As a New Yorker, I take Fall fashion very seriously and only wish that I had more of a shoe collection to choose from. My main hindrance has been having to settle on a boot that fits, as opposed to my object of desire. Coclico collections always have so much to choose from that each season there is something for every size 36-41 fashionista. And now, us size 42s (35/35.5 feet too!) have the chance to step up our shoe game with a Coclico pair (or more) in our closet. When a shoe is built to last multiple seasons and serves as a wardrobe staple, it should be seen as a worthy investment.

The selection of a dozen boot styles includes Bobo (Tobacco Suede), Bina (Ecru Leather), Bebe (Cuoio Leather), Franna (Black LeatherTortora Suede), Ruba (Black Leather), Rana (Black Leather), Taos (Talco Earth w/ Shearling), Tecla (Talco Black), and Utano (Harley Black, Anthracite Suede) to look forward to. Personal favorites of mine are the Bebe and Franna. This is where I come in as your big-footed rep! I would love to connect with any and all of you who seek counsel on the above-mentioned styles and/or just want to chat shoes! Use code FOX42 at checkout to wave special order fees.


I am very happy to work with a company that has stayed true to its brand values and voice during these tense and stressful times. The on-going global pandemic has left millions in the US unemployed and facing financial hardships, amplifying the long-standing disparities across the socio-political landscape. Yet, in the face of adversity, the current situation has influenced millions to be impassioned, more self-aware, and for lack of a better term: woke.

There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives. 

Audre Lord, 1882

Perhaps not everyone is thinking about buying shoes right now. Rather: What can I do to proactively support causes that fight socio-economic injustice? Coclico stands strong in its sustainability mission by fighting for Environmental Justice. The causes and effects of climate change have a disproportionate impact on low-income and brown/black demographics. As a black American woman, I whole-heartedly appreciate and support this stance. I feel that the discussion on environmental impact has fallen to the background during the current fight for justice. Nonetheless, it plays a huge role in racism in America.

As the US reopens, state-by-state, phase-by-phase, we will find ourselves falling back into a routine where we’re commuting, socializing and vacationing. As we reemerge, it is important that we continue to hold ourselves accountable in everything we do in our daily lives and habits. This includes shopping! Those who make a Coclico purchase have the option at check-out to round up and donate to 4 organizations that support Environmental Justice, which Coclico will match.

I’m excited to be a part of this company’s story. I have already learned so much in such a short period of time with regards to sustainable practices and materials, production, wholesale and retail. Thank you, Coclico and the bad-ass shoes gang.

♡ Laurice Fox

Laurice Fox is a creative & marketing strategist/consultant specializing in brand partnerships and events. She operates under foxkult, which represents a diverse group of talent across different creative industries. She is very passionate about music and equality across all verticals--especially fashion--especially shoes. You can reach me at