Shine on in Coclico's Spring/Summer Metallic Styles

Shine on in Coclico's Spring/Summer Metallic Styles

The shine of our metallic styles adds a welcome contrast to our collection's usual subdued color palette, one that Coclico is known (and loved) for. Despite our penchant for minimalism, we believe that infusing a hint of shimmer never hurts anyone - whether it's styling them with a pair of Elizabeth Suzann linen pants for a morning coffee date, or taking them from work to happy hour - a little shine adds a healthy dose of positivity to any outfit. So with that said, and after the success of our Star Pewter styles from last Fall, we quite literally ran with them again for the warmer weather.

Even though these styles have a more vibrant aesthetic, we make sure to continually uphold the perfect balance of versatility and wearability. We don't want to be precious about our shoes, and we know that our customer feels similarly. This season we think the soft hand-cut texture helps with this and adding this touch sets these styles apart - and somehow also softens them - allowing the shoes to be ready for everyday wear.

The Nickel is cut and treated like most leathers in the collection. We chose the  finish for its bold texture and imperfection - something that makes the color glimmer and catch the light in a way that accentuates the shoe's angles. While the beauty of these shoes is apparent, perfecting this look takes a fair amount of iteration. For example, the Ombra Silver took us a lot of trial and error to get right, and while we nearly gave up, we discovered that cutting it on the bias allowed us to use it for footwear. It's all in the details, after all.

While the weather heats up, our metallic shoes offer plenty of sartorial opportunities to keep your style cool all season long. Here are a few of our recommended shoes from this group to add to your lineup:

SOB Flat

"The SOB is an ideal little loafer. It is effortless and practical while made fun with its silver shine. It's a great shoe for meetings or running the kids to school." Shop it here

BASK Sandal

"The BASK is our runaway best-selling sandal two years in a row. We couldn't resist adding our favorite material of Spring/Summer 2018 to it. It's the perfect shoe if you're packing lightly for a summer holiday. It has a very comfortable heel height for most women, so a day of roaming local attractions is in the cards, but the crisp silhouette and added shimmer make it a versatile sandal that can be easily dressed up for a night out." Shop it here

NAVAN silver

"We can't get enough of slides. The NAVAN is a throw-on-and-go option that doesn't require a pedicure. How much easier could it get?! This is a staff favorite style, our retail manager wears these all day in the shop." Shop it here

TUACA nickel

"Vintage inspired, the TUACA heel conjures up visions of 1930s Hollywood glamour. Paired with one of our signature modern sculpted wood heels, the shoe brings romance and elegance to any outfit." Shop it here

Photos by Phoebe Cheong for Coclico