Elevated Essentials: Meet Our Elda Heel

Elevated Essentials: Meet Our Elda Heel

Less is more, but a little shimmer never hurt anyone and we have Elda to thank for that. Our newly-unveiled heel is eye-catching in a glistening, textured metallic that is sure to elevate any outfit. Available in four distinct colors, Elda's versatility makes it a standout style for all occasions this Fall.

Champagne Metallic Leather

A neutral outfit can be elevated instantly by stepping into our Elda in champagne metallic leather. Whether you're wearing a patterned dress or flared denim, this style's understated elegance adds a hint of sophistication to any outfit, and that's something worth toasting to. Shop the Elda Heel in Champagne Metallic Leather

Cameo Metallic Leather

Feminity and function come together via our Elda in cameo metallic leather. Lighten up your look in the colder months with this neutral (but striking) staple shoe. Shop the Elda Heel in Cameo Metallic Leather

Emerald Metallic Leather

Our classic block-heel pump is given new life in a breathtaking emerald metallic shimmer. There's nothing quite like it. Walk a while in this pump, and you'll have an outfit that will make others green with envy (and inspiration). Shop the Elda Heel in Emerald Metallic Leather

Citrine Metallic Leather

Elda also comes in a show-stopping citrine leather that is sure to be the talk of the town, and when paired with elegant neutrals, the centerpiece of your look. So don't be afraid to go for gold this season; your wardrobe will thank you. Shop the Elda Heel in Citrine Metallic Leather

Photos by Phoebe Cheong for Coclico