Diana Haber

Hello! If you're reading this you just received an email or saw the post about our weird and (subjectively!) wonderful Mystery Box Sample Sale. If you didn't take part in this event in previous years it is very important that you read through this page to get a full understanding of what on earth this sale is. One thing's for sure, it is a sale for super fans and surprise-lovers!

(Or click here to enter now if you know the drill.)

We are listing Sample Sale inventory online in the form of MYSTERY BOXES! One of our favorite apparel brands came up with this concept (theirs was in the form of 'Grab Bags') and we thought it was genius, so we hitched our wagon and gave it a go. Many of you enjoyed the process and loved your surprise so we're doing it again!

Typically sample sales are in-person-only events held at our NYC office. This is because the manpower and time commitment needed to take photos, take inventory, write descriptions, and upload everything to the website is prohibitively expensive. We're offering this inventory well below cost and would not be able to retain this advantageous pricing if we had to post each item. Sure, it's a gamble, but if you love Coclico we think it's one you might enjoy taking! Who doesn't love a good mystery? 

The sale starts now and will remain online through Monday, March 1st, or until sold out.

These are Sample Sale items at below Sample Sale prices! The contents of each box is a mystery, and so please understand that we will not be taking requests, sending photos, or otherwise bend the rules of this sale. If you find this scary, we understand entirely, we get that this format will not appeal to everyone.

If the unthinkable happens and you're unhappy with a style you recieve, we now partner with Treet, where you are able list Coclico styles for resale.

Discount codes and offers are not eligible on Mystery Boxes. A $16 flat rate shipping option will be available at checkout. All the usual taxes will apply.


The items included in Mystery Boxes will vary greatly, it may be a mixture of Fall and Spring styles, they'll likely include items from past seasons, possibly items with very minor damages or flaws, some boxes will contain never produced prototypes (only one in the world!), and others may have overstocked inventory.  

Every pair will be inspected before shipping to ensure there are no extreme flaws or defects. The small team packing the Mystery Boxes has strict instructions to only ship pairs they would be happy to receive themselves. 

There are four different types of Mystery Boxes available, you can choose between 2 pairs of Spring, 2 pairs of Fall, or 2 assorted pairs. Size 37 may choose a 4 pair assorted box if they so desire.

The amount made available of each depends on the inventory we have in each size. If you don't see the box combination you wanted, we either sold out or didn't have the inventory in the first place. Sorry, it's luck of the draw. 

You'll also like to know that to account for the gamble you're taking we've reduced prices far beyond what we offer at the in-person Sample Sale.

Choose your category, the number of pairs, and your size, then let the suspense take over. We'll ship each order within ten days of you placing it, so it won't be long before your surprise hits your doorstep!

We're sorry, but no offers or discount codes are valid on this selection.

Please remember, as is the case with any sample sale, all sales will be absolutely final. We will not be making exceptions. 

Q & A

What is a Sample Sale Mystery Box?
Our Sample Sale Mystery Boxes include two randomly selected items from our Sample Sale inventory. These are all heavily discounted items from past seasons, one-off prototypes, and some items with minor damages. Size 37s can choose a value box of 4 items, because size 37 is actual sample size so we have more inventory to share.


Why did you decide to do Mystery Boxes instead of listing individual pieces?
We saw someone else do it and thought it was a brilliant idea! Just like many brands, It isn't possible for us to put all of our Sample Sale items online since every pair is different.  Listing products individually would require heaps of work and expense, and as a result, would drive up the price of the shoes. Mystery Boxes are a practical way for us to make sample sale items available to our online community without adding prohibitive labor costs.


What kinds of items are in the boxes?
Both Spring and Fall items from multiple collections will be included. Some boxes may have a seasonal mix, while others will have only one season. A note that most of the archive inventory we have made available to this sale is from past spring seasons, so the balance will go more in that direction. All sorts of colors and materials will be included. The selection in each box is random and we cannot take requests, sorry. Why do these items end up at Sample Sale? The answer is different for nearly every pair. Many items are stray pairs from past seasons or discontinued items that we can no longer sell, some are sales or press samples that have been worn (ever so lightly) on a set, or that have a slightly different material or design to the style that eventually was produced, some are one-offs that were not made because they were too expensive to produce or components too hard to come by. Each shoe has its own story.


I see above you say 'minor damages,' that concerns me. Will anything be damaged to the point that it's unwearable?
No way! We are only including very minor flaws in these Mystery Boxes. This could mean a scuffed outsole, slightly imperfect stitching or adhesive, or a small flaw in the color or texture of the leather. We will not send anything that we wouldn't wear ourselves.


Can I choose what items I'll receive?
We must make clear that we cannot take any requests, no matter how small the preference you have may seem. We do not have the manpower to field, organize, and execute the delivery of any special requests. We will not be sending photos or otherwise bending the rules of this sale.


What about sizes?
The number of Mystery Boxes available in your size when we start the sale will depend on the inventory we have to work with. Size's like 38 and 39 tend to sell out fast. Size 37 will have the most plentiful selection as this is our actual sample size, every prototype, photo, and sales sample is made in 37. We have sent an email to all past size 37 customers letting you know that you might find this event especially exciting.

Please, PLEASE, review our size guide before ordering. Many people convert one-to-one between Spanish and American sizing. But because each country uses different measurement units and differs in exactly how size is measured this isn't the correct way to order. A Spanish 40, for example, is not a size US 10 it is much closer to a US 9. All sales are final and we will not be making exceptions for incorrect sizing.


Can I return my Mystery Box or any items from my Mystery Box?
Just like all of our in-person Sample Sales, these purchases will be FINAL SALE. We cannot accept any returns or requests for exchanges, and we will not be making any exceptions for any reason. This includes returns for store credit. One reason we are able to make Sample Sale prices so advantageous is that we do not allow for returns or exchanges of any kind. Why? We give a price that can't be beat because we need to clear our stock room for the coming season so we don't want the shoes back! 


What if nothing fits or what if it’s not my style?
Just like at our in-person sample sales, we're afraid nothing is guaranteed. If items in your box do not work for you we suggest you try and swap with friends or consider posting the item on Treet for someone else in the community to snap up. We truly hope you find satisfaction and joy in your box, but we're afraid there is no way around the fact that while fun, a mystery is by its nature a risk. 


When will my Mystery Box ship?
Mystery Boxes will ship within 10 days of the day you placed your order.


How much is shipping?
Shipping is a flat rate of $16 within the continental USA, no matter which box you select. For international shipping, a flat rate of $35 applies.


Can I shop for a Mystery Box in your stores?
Mystery Boxes will only be available online. However, if you are one of our beloved in-store shoppers you are very welcome to get in touch and arrange for a pick-up at our Mott Street location.


How long will Mystery Boxes be available?
Boxes will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis now through March 1 or until we sell out.


How much are these items discounted?
The exact discount will depend on the contents of your box and the number of pairs you've selected, but all boxes have been discounted at least 70%, most considerably more.


Is there a limit to the number of boxes I can purchase?
No! Go wild. 


If I am only interested in receiving one item, can I order a smaller Mystery Box?
Unfortunately, for the sake of keeping the sale manageable on our end, we are unable to adjust the number of items in each box or the price. If you are just looking for a pair perhaps you're lucky enough to have a friend who's the same size as you?! See if she's willing to team up, split the cost and the bounty! Otherwise, the best we can do is direct you to our sale section.


Is this my last chance to purchase a Mystery Box?
Let's see how this goes. We're very happy the first & second Mystery box sale in 2018 and 2020 went so well. If it's successful again, and we'll measure that by how happy everyone is in the end, then we may do it again! If the mystery aspect of the sale ends up being more stressful than it is fun we'll chalk this sale up to trial and error and go back to the good-ol'-fashioned ways.