A Slow Summer Friday with Coclico's Chelsea Baumberger

A Slow Summer Friday with Coclico's Chelsea Baumberger

The pace of summer is something we can appreciate at Coclico as it mirrors our approach to both design and living (read: slow and intentional). Heading into the middle of the season, we thought it best to curate a list of items and rituals that we gravitate to once leaving the office. Here, our very own Chelsea Baumberger invites us for an afternoon coffee at Epistrophy and shares a few of these essentials that complete her Summer Friday.


"Summer is so hot, so my primary goal is always to be as comfortable as possible. I love oversized, flowy everything. Linens, billowy or wide pants for dimension, fun colors, prints, and textures. Nearly everything I own is vintage with a few select pieces from Pari Desai or Base Range — anything that makes me feel like I'm wearing cool pajamas. My favorite colors right now are lime green and chartreuse, so I've been going in that direction lately for accent pieces, and to my ultimate joy, it's really becoming the color of the moment. I see it everywhere, and I like wearing this shade with peaches, pale pinks, and creams. When I'm feeling very casual, vintage washed black denim mom jeans are my go-to. Nothing beats the perfect washed black denim!"


"I've found Nancy Cunard epically inspirational for the past decade of my life. I'm re-reading Nancy Cunard: A Biography. She's an excellent female figure in fashion, arts, literature, and civil rights that was the inspiration and muse for many of her male contemporaries in the '20s and '30s; even though she was often under-credited or overlooked as many of the unconventional, boundary-pushing femmes of that time were. I look to her often to gain or renew perspective, especially now when the world seems to be in endless turmoil. She reminds me to keep your heart open to love and creativity.

I'm also reading Pregnant Darkness: Alchemy and the Rebirth of Consciousness by Monika Wikman. She's a Jungian analyst and an astrologer with this book's focus on teaching readers how to interpret dreams and visions. I'm always trying to be more tuned in!"


"I've been wearing Mondo Mondo's Cowboy and Center of the World for winter and Hysteria for summer. Tuberose or Jasmine are perfect femme scents that I adore. Sometimes all you need is a little jasmine oil. Yum! I'm not a fan of sweet smells, so I prefer florals that smell a bit more herbaceous, something with more earth to it. Maybe it is psychological, but I find it grounding."


"I find a lot of joy walking around the streets of New York alone and listening to a good playlist. During summer one of my favorite things to do for myself is just walk around at night alone. I like to see what experiences I can stumble upon, be it seeing a friend on the street, a movie in the park, a fun event. Where will this summer stroll take me this time? I made a playlist for these moments. Inspired by humid summer nights, summer love affairs, and summer-time self-discovery, it's a good textural listen that makes me look at New York through a different lens when I listen to it.

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Photos by Lauren Damaskinos for Coclico